header – project 2


This has been a project where my I combined my passion for design and music by making artwork. This included a lot of research about subjects related to artwork for example things like the identity of the musician, the importance of branding and elements you need for a good cover. It’s been a creative process full of experimenting, working with different techniques and mostly just having fun.


I have always been passionate about music and design, this project felt like the perfect 
excuse two combine those two things. I decided to focus on album covers in specific. 

This project included a lot of creative research, for example about my personal music taste,
the different music genres, certain designers, the design process, working for musicians etc.

It's been an interesting project with many different experiments, explorations and a lot of fun.
I created different artwork for multiple artists like Thomston, Aquilo, Nao, Daniel Caesar, Shoffy,
Childish Gambino and Alain Clark.  

You can see the process below

headspace proces
headspace proces 2 copy
alain clark fotografie

Final covers

childish gambino
Alain Clark3