Liz Olyslager is 22 years old and studies Communication & Multimedia Design. She focuses on graphic design, concepting and photography. Besides that, she has a big passion for music and loves to combine all those things with each other. 

Open for commissions. 





Website in progress 

Afrojack | Concept album cover
Poster day 11 - Shallou
Shallou | visual
Poster day 10 - Jeremy Zucker
Childish Gambino - design elements
Concert ticket | birthday card
Day 9 | Joji
Poster day 8 | Grace Carter
Concept Afrojack single cover
Personal branding | business card
Poster day 7 | Childish Gambino
Logo + Branding music related event
Poster day 6 - LANY
Poster day 5 San Holo
Cover artwork